June 10, 2012

✿book review: ramblin' rose, the wire forests of peru✿

"Grandpa, where does wire come from?" Six-year-old Rose asked as she watched him solder a small red wire into place on his ham radio.
"Peru," he said, "Wire comes from Peru. It grows on trees in the Amazon and comes in all different colors, like a rainbow."
"Oh, Grandpa!" Rose said, laughing at his tale.
Now twelve and on vacation with her family, Rose is about to find that there was some truth in Grandpa’s story after all. Who would have thought that it would foil a terrorist plot?

♡ - book description:

now on vacation with her parents and their chauffer/bodyguard richard, twelve-year-old rose is determined to help them discover the real reason why the wire needed to upgrade the agency computers has been delayed. with the help of her new friend, paolo.

♡- my review:

last night i finished ramblin' rose: the wire forests of peru. this is another book i recently picked up at dollar tree. the book is different from the two previous books i've reviewed. this one is a teen read, where rose is finally working in the family business (private investigators). the book is written out very well and even speaks about the 9/11 terrorists event as well. the book takes you back to your childhood imagination and even makes you feel like you're helping rose and her family catch the path (terrorist holding up the wire). the entire book i was rooting for rose, hoping they'd catch the bad guys and save the world.

reading level: ages 13 and up
paperback: 200 pages

publisher: aspirations media, inc. (october 1, 2007)
retail price: $9
dollar tree price: $1